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Illuminarty is an AI tool that focuses on content detection, specifically detecting AI-generated images and texts.It offers various functionalities to help users understand whether an image or text

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Illuminarty is an AI-driven tool designed to detect AI-generated content, including images and texts. Its primary focus is on content detection, providing users with the ability to determine whether a given image or text has been created by an AI model.

When it comes to images, Illuminarty employs a combination of computer vision algorithms to assess the probability that an image was generated using AI technology. Moreover, it can effectively identify not only AI-generated images but also synthetic and manipulated images, such as deepfakes.

Similarly, in the case of texts, Illuminarty utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to ascertain the likelihood that a text was produced by an AI model. Additionally, it can pinpoint specific passages within the text that are indicative of AI generation.

For user convenience, Illuminarty offers a browser extension, allowing individuals to utilize its detection tools while browsing the internet. This enables users to quickly verify the authenticity of images and texts they come across during their online activities.

Furthermore, Illuminarty provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that facilitates automated detection. This feature enables seamless integration of the tool into various services or applications, offering users the option to incorporate content verification into their own systems.

In summary, Illuminarty is a valuable AI tool that empowers users to discern AI-generated content, be it images or texts. With its combination of computer vision and NLP algorithms, along with the accessibility of a browser extension and API, Illuminarty presents a robust solution for content detection and verification needs.

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